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Hi Everyone, 


I'm new to this and technical support and sales haven't been much of help. 


I'm currently working on a project where we have smarthomes using various smart devices: Apple, google home, alexa, and etc. I'm trying to manage over 200 of these devices from the office. Is iot hub with azure the best solution? If so, will I need to create a skill for each of these devices? I've already started the process of creating the hub and registering, not the device as of yet. I don't understand the steps entirely. 


All suggestions welcomed, thanks!

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Does it sames like Industrial IOT ?
Hi Erricravi,

I have azure iot hub account. I am trying to add apple home and google home devices like alexa to be able to maintain and manage them. I'd like to host as well. This will allow me to manage devices from the office when firmware needs updating and such.