IoT at Microsoft Build 2019


Microsoft Build 2019 is next week!


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Wether you are attending or planning to stream sessions, don't miss the ones about IoT!

Below is a list to make things easier for you.

We will also have a large booth for IoT with lots of demos and a Hackspace for you to go through self- paced and instructor-led labs.


Breakout sessions:

BRK2011: Our IoT Vision and Roadmap

BRK3034: Azure IoT Platform & Security Innovations: Foundation of a modern and secure IoT applicatio...

BRK3033: Azure IoT Edge & AI: Enabling the Intelligent Edge

BRK3035: Azure Sphere: Securely unlocking IoT for your Enterprise

BRK3036: Windows IoT: The foundation for your Intelligent Edge

BRK2014: New data & analytics engine for the Intelligent Edge: simplify edge architecture and applic...

BRK3099: Build large scale near real time analytical solutions to accelerate the digital feedback lo...

BRK3058: From cloud to the intelligent edge: Drive real-time decisions with Azure Stream Analytics

CFS2027: Using IoT to improve people’s health and brain power

STU1011: Can Polar Bears Help Predict Global Climate Change? Find out with Azure AI and IoT!


Theatre sessions:

THR1002: Azure Digital Twins + HoloLens: Powering the Next Generation of IoT

THR2020: Prototyping an internet connected smart home device with Azure IoT hub


Technical Sneek peaks:

TSP2043: The future of IoT SaaS application development

TSP2043R: The future of IoT SaaS application development

TSP2047: Use Cortana SDK on Azure IoT and the Cortana Bluetooth spec to bring ambient intelligent as...

TSP2038: New connection scenarios for Azure Sphere

TSP2038R: New connection scenarios for Azure Sphere


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