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I am looking to accomplish something, but I am not sure how to approach it with hardware, I've never done any IoT projects before. I am confident I can figure out the software solution, but I am looking for something like an Amazon IoT button with a display a display OR some sort of light (red/green), this light/display needs to be able to be controlled.


Does anyone have any recommendations for this? I am not sure if this is the correct forum to place this query.

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Hi @tekguy 

Sorry for the late answer on this one.

There are various options. If you are looking to build a proof of concept, then you can get started with the MXChip Devkit which is a great way of discovering and playing around with all Azure IoT capabilities. The site will point you to Seeed Studio's to purchase a kit, but you can also find it on amazon.

The site also has a set of samples with getting started instructions.

I would also invite you to check out the catalog of certified devices.

For a simple button, the ReButton is a good option. Not sure you can control the led remotely on this one though, I didn't try.

You can also consider getting started with a Raspberry Pi, a breadboard, LEDs, a Button.

ESP chip based boards are an option as well such as the Huzzah.

Hope this helps!

Happy hacking