Exporting Data using Azure IoT Central

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Hi guys!


I exported Microsoft Azure IoT Central data into Azure Blob Storage and used Blob input for real time telemetry and reference input for getting the device name in Azure Stream Analytics. It works fine when I select time range for testing purpose and I get the output. But when I start Stream Analytics job, it is not showing any output.

My stream analytics query and test output is showing below




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Hi @Farrukh-KAISPE ,


Have you had a look at Metrics or in Job Diagram to get deeper insights with metrics?





Job diagram is especially useful to figure out where the messages go through (ex: early messages, late messages, errors, check actual inputs, etc).

@Farrukh-KAISPE , do you see anything in your blob?

You can also look at the iotc-explorer tool to verify that data is flowing into IoT Central in the format expected.


Hi Olivier ! thankyou for your response, I didn't see anything in my blob when I used join for Reference Input in stream analytics job.