Ewon Flexy to Azure IoT central

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  I want to test out connecting a Flexy to Azure IoT central. I see I have a 7 day free trail. So, I wanted to be able to have the steps define on how to connect the flexy to Azure IoT central. Any have any insight. I've done some googling and HMS talks about using MTTQ to connect to Azure IoT Hub... Is that the same thing? Part of me thinks so... Since I'm sure IoT central has a IoT hub in the background collecting the data... 


Any insight is appreciated. 


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@Comon1340 I have done this. I created a basic script in the Ewon and I am using MQTT. I have not gotten commands from IoT Central to Ewon to work, but telemetry are flowing fine...


It'd be great if you could share how you connected your Flexy to IoT Central considering the Ewon samples only show how to use a connection string without using DPS. IoT Central requires a ScopeID to connect a device to it.
Once the connection is established, you need to setup your script so that the Flexy uses the expected MQTT topics and abides with Device Twins, Direct Methods and telemetry conventions defined by IoT Plug and Play. This sample shows how to code in C to achieve this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/iot-develop/tutorial-use-mqtt, and I guess you could leverage the sample to configure the Flexy so you can run commands from IoT Central.