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If you are looking for deep dive training on Azure IoT be sure to check out our Webcast series Build end to end IoT solutions. I've started this conversation as a place for folks to ask questions about the material and get help working through the exercises that accompany the series. The sessions are being delivered live on Thursdays through May 14. If you missed our first one, you can watch the recording here.


In this online workshop series, you’ll learn how to build an enterprise-scale internet of things (IoT) solution. We’ll start with an overview of the elements you need to think about when building a solution, and then we’ll help you set up to get hands-on and start creating. Next, we’ll cover managing devices and how to enable secure and reliable communications. Then we’ll show you how to use Azure’s Device Provisioning Service to provision devices at scale. In the fourth session, we’ll cover how to process messages and use cloud-based and device-based analytics along with machine learning for insights and business integration. We’ll conclude with an overview of Azure IoT Edge to take advantage of the intelligent edge, and we’ll go over optimizing processing data and enabling devices to react quickly even when local network quality is poor.

The labs for this workshop use prebuilt, simulated devices; completing the labs will take you through an end-to-end food-manufacturing scenario that touches on efficiency, productivity, safety, and security.

In addition to Q&A with Microsoft experts during the live broadcasts, our team will be available for assistance while you're working through the exercises on your own time. Session recordings are available on demand after the live delivery.


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@macalde Hello, nice seessions. Can we access the slides content. I could not find those resources. thanks a mil. 



Abhijeet Bhatikar

IoT Dev.



@abhatikar Thanks for checking it out! you can download the slides here. If for any reason that doesn't Ywork, feel free to reach out to us at msusdev@microsoft.com