Digital Twin Definition for device with multiple ports

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Hi there,


I am attempting to write an IoT Central device template for a NetIO PowerPDU 4C power distribution unit. The device has four metered & switched power ports, and ships with Azure IoT Hub connectivity. I am attempting to use Azure IoT Central to track the power usage of each four ports individually over time.


I am struggling to understand how to write a device template for a device with "many" outputs, as each power port has its own set of telemetry/properties that can be set individually, and it's unclear from the documentation if DTML or IoT Central can support this kind of device, or if the PDU would need to be set up as a "gateway" with each of the ports functioning as an individual device.


The following is an example of a raw/unmodelled telemetry payload sent via MQTT from the PDU:




  "_unmodeleddata": {
      "Outputs": [
              "ID": 1,
              "Name": "output_1",
              "State": 1,
              "Current": 38,
              "PowerFactor": 0.58,
              "Load": 5,
              "Energy": 3894
              "ID": 2,
              "Name": "output_2",
              "State": 1,
              "Current": 79,
              "PowerFactor": 0.57,
              "Load": 11,
              "Energy": 4343
  "_eventtype": "Telemetry",
  "_timestamp": "2022-03-13T22:31:52.62Z"




Is it possible to codify a "has-many" relationship such as the above in DTML, or is IoT Central not compatible with the device?


Please let me know if you need further information!

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