Did you know that Qualcomm LTE for IoT SDK no pre-integrates Azure IoT support?


The Qualcomm LTE for IoT SDK allows IoT device OEMs, cloud solution providers and app developers to utilize the capabilities of the MDM9206 chip for cloud support and IoT applications through easy to use APIs, and now pre-integrates full support for Azure IoT Hub. This means that in addition to allowing a simple and straight forward network connectivity for IoT devices based on their chip, Qualcomm makes it as simple to connect these devices to Azure IoT. Nagaraju Naik and Murali Bharadwaj from Qualcomm joined me on the Channel 9 IoT Show to demo the recently announced integration.


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I recently ordered the Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit_US Version to retrofit LED signs that are used to display vehicle predictions for a major Canadian transit agency. We really need cellular Internet access to support this solution. Will Qualcomm or Microsoft offer a similar Development Kit that leverages the Qualcomm MDM9206 chipset?