Been hiding under a rock this week? You missed a lot! Your weekend catch up list is here


This week we announced tons of things at Microsoft Build. Here is a list of articles, videos, podcasts and projects for you to catch up on all the news



Azure IoT at Build: making IoT solutions easier to develop, more powerful to use

VentureBeat interview: Microsoft’s Sam George on Azure IoT, intelligent edge, and ‘early majority’ adopters

Forbes: 10 Most Interesting Announcements From Microsoft Build

Twilio Partners with Microsoft Azure IoT, Adds Identity and Authentication Capabilities to its IoT C...

SAP and Microsoft bring IoT data to the core of the business applications

Build with Azure IoT Central and IoT Plug and Play

PCMag: Microsoft Brings Plug and Play to the Internet of Things

Modernizing Windows CE systems with Windows 10 IoT

Forbes: The Most Impactful IoT Announcement From Microsoft Build 2019

Espressif Rolls out ESP32 Boards for Microsoft Azure IoT & Google Cloud IoT Core Services

myDevices Connects Hundreds of LoRaWAN Sensors to Microsoft Azure

STMicro Module Makes IoT Sensing Accessible With MS IoT Plug and Play



IoTShow: Deploying Azure IoT Edge workloads on Kubernetes

IoTShow: Azure IoT Central - New Integration and Extensibility Features

IoTShow: Introduction to IoT Plug and Play

IoTShow: Modernizing Windows CE Devices

MSBuild Live: Building and updating secure IoT devices

MSBuild Live: All you need to know about Microsoft’s IoT news and futures

MSBuild session: Our IoT Vision and Roadmap

MSBuild session: Azure IoT Edge & AI: Enabling the Intelligent Edge

MSBuild session: Azure IoT Platform & Security Innovations: Foundation of a modern and secure IoT application, from t...

MSBuild session: Azure Sphere: Securely unlocking IoT for your Enterprise

MSBuild session: Azure Digital Twins + HoloLens: Powering the Next Generation of IoT

MSBuild session: Enabling rapid IoT solution development with Azure IoT Central and new Azure IoT Platform Innovation...

MSBuild session: Starbucks IoT Implementation – Beyond Hardware and Software

MSBuild session: Windows IoT: The foundation for your Intelligent Edge



Azure Sphere Device Connected To Azure IoT Central

Try out new Azure IoT Edge troubleshooting tools

Play with the Azure IoT Devkit simulator

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