Azure IoT Hub Manual Failover ready for prime time


The manual failover for Azure IoT Hub is now generally available. This feature is free for any IoT Hub customer and enables failover of an IoT hub from its primary Azure region to its geo-paired region. 

 In case you missed it, check out the below video to learn more about IoT Hub manual failover:

Besides what’s already announced last summer, we’ve made some enhancements to manual failover for GA:  


  • Manual failover is now available in all regions IoT Hub is in
  • In addition to Azure portal, you can now initiate manual failover using CLI, PowerShell, or SDK
  • Greatly improved the reliability of the failover operation
  • UX in the portal is now much more clear on the status of the failover




With these improvements, we hope that all IoT Hub customers can count on manual failover for cross-region disaster discovery no matter where you are and what method you prefer. 


Next steps 


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