Azure IoT Hub just got some updates for you


I wanted to share latest updates the team pushed in Azure IoT Hub service. Let us know what you think:

  • Maximum partition limit for Basic Tier has been extended from 8 to 32. This now matches the partition limit for Standard Tier IoT Hubs and supports high throughout. Learn how to choose the right IoT Hub tier.
  • Message Routing to Blob Storage now supports JSON format : With this change, users have a choice to route data to blob storage in AVRO or JSON, for simplifying integration with Azure services that support either format. This capability is in public preview in all regions IoT Hub is available in, except East US, West US and West Europe. Learn about route to blob storage.
  • Message Routing now handles slow endpoints. With this design, while IoT Hub retries to send messages to an unhealthy endpoint, other endpoints continue to get data normally and won’t be stalled during the retry period. We have added guidance for customers to monitor routing metrics and endpoint health to help troubleshoot unhealthy/dead endpoints.
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