Azure IoT Device Simulator-.Net Core 3.x version


Hi all,


In case it can help, you will find here an Azure IoT Device Simulator upgraded to .Net Core 3.x.

The solution allows to simulate a broad part of the Azure IoT Device SDK.

Those capabilities include features like:

  • C2D messages based on JSON templates (different types of messages included by default)
  • D2C flows (desired properties, direct methods, messages)
  • flows at device and module level configurable through separated configuration files (JSON-based). You can set different settings for each type of message, for each module and for each device.

The solution runs as a .Net Core console application. It is easily containerizable (you can even find an image ready to use here).


The solution can be used as a developer tool (I guess, this is its primary use) or to build a simulation platform. This could maybe complete the simulation capabilities of Microsoft IoT Central.


A .Net Core 2.x version exists too.


Enjoy your IoT project ;).

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