Announcing Location telemetry support in Azure IoT Central


We have added support for location telemetry that lights up scenarios such as asset track and trace, connected logistics, and more!


Location telemetry was one of the top customer requests from both device and solution builders. Customers can now define location telemetry on the device template and visualize it on the dashboard and measurement page. The feature also provides the ability to toggle between the latest location or get a historical view to trace the route of the asset.


Measurement UI

Configuring location telemetry is consistent with the rest of the measurement experience.  The data structure of a location telemetry is longitude, latitude, and an option of altitude. A map view is presented for the user to view location history.


IoTCEntral Measurement UI.jpg



Map tile on the dashboard already supported location property. We have now enhanced the maps tiles to support location telemetry with an option to also provide a history view of the asset. Also, the location pin color can be augmented to show the latest device state.IoT Central Dashbaord Map.jpg


Where can I learn more?


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Hey @OlivierBloch 


Interesting update along with AZURE Maps capability, I was wondering if there is demand for integration in some form within AZURE... certainly this a increasing demand within in car sat nav integration as is Microsoft AZURE services within the mobility sector.... How about flying taxis come a get me here... with AZURE services :) epic..! 


Cheers @Car-Digital-Thread :)

@Car-Digital-Thread The Azure Maps platform is growing fast and working closely with customers and partners. The Azure Maps team works very closely with the Microsoft connected car team (we sit in the same office and report up to the same managers). In terms of What3Words, we haven't made any announcements but will work with our customers/partners to determine if this is truly something that they feel will bring added value to them. 

Looks like has a limited lifespan as plate tectonics will alter their squares soon enough.