About Azure IoT Hub Device Streaming


Azure IoTHub Device Streaming facilitates one to one communications between an IoT Device and a user app running on a desktop; with the Hub acting as the conduit. I have been doing some application development with it, as posted here and on my blog. I have abstracted the Device Streaming sample app into a reusable .Net Standard class library, AzDeviceStreaming, and implemented some apps that use it. One app, AzDeviceStreamingApp is in the Microsoft App Store and it enables you to quickly get up and running with Az Device Streaming. The GtHub project has a number of console and Background (IoT-Core) apps.


I have a few questions with respect to Az Device Streaming as so I'd appreciate your comments here, thx.


Ms Dox: bout Device Streaming

My Blog on Device Streaming

The GitHub Project : djaus2/AziothubDeviceStreaming

The AzDeviceStreamingApp in Microsoft Store

Ms Dox: Device Streaming Sample App 



(1) Do you envisage that Device Streaming is a useful technology for industry scale systems? How?

(2) Does it have a future?

(3) What feature do you think it needs (if any) for it to reach a critical mass?

(4) Does it have any limitations?

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I'll start the ball rolling:

- What about a feature that enables the backend to broadcast via IoTHub to a number of IoT Devices, and get their responses back?