Part 3: BizTalk Server Migration to Azure Integration Services - Ask the Experts with Rik & Riccardo
Published Jan 30 2023 06:13 AM 2,623 Views

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a Microsoft Integration experts, Rik Hepworth & Riccardo Viglianis, from Black Marble to discuss BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services migrations. In this video, they will share some of their real-world experience of migrating customers to Azure Integration Services.


This is a follow-up video to Part 1 of this series where I chatted with Michael Stephenson / Stephen W Thomas and Part 2 when I spoke with Sandro Pereira


In my conversation with Rik and Riccardo, we cover the following topics:

  • What are some examples of BizTalk migrations that you have been involved in? What is the biggest driver for these customers?
  • If you were helping a customer migrate, what would be some advice you would provide your customer?
  • How do you think about taking those reusable components BizTalk components and having re-use in the cloud?
  • When considering BizTalk architectures, what is an anti-pattern or something that customers should avoid/re-think as they move to Azure?
  • What should customers be doing about Operational support once they go live?
  • Is there anything else you would like to share about BizTalk Migrations to Azure?
    • Governance
    • Security
    • DevOps


Looking for more BizTalk Server migration content? Please check out our BizTalk Server Migration to Azure Integration Services Architecture Guidance.


Stay tuned to this blog for more videos from other experts in the community working on BizTalk Server migrations. If you have any subjects/topics you would like to have the experts answered, please add to the comments on this post.

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