Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter - April 2023
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Welcome to Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter - April 2023, the official monthly newsletter for Microsoft's Logic Apps Aviators community. Catch up on Microsoft news from us and our community.

News from our product group:




Logic Apps Aviators Day


On June 22, 2023 (Pacific Time) the Logic Apps Product Group will host a full day of learning where you will be the start! The Logic Apps Aviators is a free event driven Microsoft, for anyone who wants to learn more about Logic Apps and how it can help to solve real life integration problems. In this full-day event, we will deep-dive into many aspects of Logic Apps with sessions from both Microsoft team and community. And we are looking for sessions of all types, from beginning to advance, from patterns and practices to real life scenarios.

LogicAppsLive - March.png

Logic Apps Live - Community Standup (March 2023)


In this recording we will discuss the new Application Insights (Preview), IBM Host File (Built-in connector), Logic Apps Designer and Connectors 101 presentation.



Application Insights Enhancements for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) - Preview


We have recently published an update to how we emit telemetry for Application Insights in Azure Logic Apps (Standard). This new update is currently in Public Preview and is an opt-in feature for customers. It can be enabled without introducing risk to your telemetry. For customers who choose not to opt in, they will continue to emit telemetry using the existing method.



Improve Logic Apps (Standard) Workflows Observability with Application Insights


InfoQ.com, a popular technology publication, recently picked up coverage about our Application Insights (Preview).



Extending Logic Apps App Insight integration with Azure Workbooks


In this blog post we are going to show how we can use Azure workbooks together with recent improvements to application insight integration to build similar rich and interactive dashboards for standard Logic Apps.



Integrate Azure Open AI in Teams Channel via Logic App


Now in Azure, we can deploy Open AI with chatgpt-35-turbo model as an Azure resource, so this blog introduces how to integrate the Azure Open AI in Teams channel without using a bot.



Using Logic App Standard to connect to SAP


Learn how to setup SAP connections in Azure Logic Apps (Standard).


Deploying Logic App Standard resource using Bicep templates and DevOps pipeline


In this blog, we will explore the creation of Logic app infrastructure components using Azure Biceps template. Bicep is a domain-specific language (DSL) that uses a declarative syntax to deploy Azure resources. In a Bicep file, you define the infrastructure you want to deploy to Azure, and then use that file throughout the development lifecycle to deploy your infrastructure repeatedly.



Attaching a file to a DevOps Work Item


How to create the actions to Attach a file to a Work Item in DevOps, by using the Azure Connector.



News from our community:

Logic Apps and DocuSign integration

Post by Sandro Pereira


DocuSign is used by individuals, businesses, and organizations of all sizes across many industries, including finance, real estate, healthcare, and more. The platform streamlines the document signing process and eliminates the need for physical documents and manual signatures, which can be time-consuming and costly.


Get notified on expiring Intune LOB apps

Post by Peter Klapwijk


Set up a Logic Apps workflow to get notified when an iOS LOB app is about to expire. An expired iOS LOB app can’t be deployed to our users anymore, so we need to make sure the apps are renewed before they expire.


Network Security for Integration Projects

Video by Paul Baars


Paul Baars talks about network security for integration between on-premises systems with the Azure Serverless cloud.


Modernizing Consumption Logic Apps with Bicep Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Video by Mitchell Abel


Bicep has made creating the resources a lot simpler and less verbose. And the separation of Infrastructure and Code with Logic Apps Standard has made the day-to-day way of working, especially when the integration developer is responsible for their own DevOps, a great deal easier once everything is set up.


Azure Logic Apps: KQL for having an overview of your scheduled workflows

Post by Stefano Demiliani


This post answers some questions Stefano had from customers, including: 

  • Is it possible to have an overview of all the workflows I have (and their state) across subscriptions?
  • Can I know the connectors they’re using?
  • For timer-based workflows (recurrencies) can I have an overview of the scheduling?


Remove Azure Logic App Orphan Metric Alerts

Post by Mark Brimble


A quick tip showing how to remove orphan metric alerts from deleted Logic Apps consumption.


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