Logic App Standard Flow History Cleaner
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Flow History Cleaner

Application that deletes the Tables and the Queues in the Logic app Standard storage account.

it will help you in the development process, especially if there are stuck flows in the running state 

How to download the application

Open the Kudo https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/app-service/resources-kudu from Logic app site

Then chose CMD




Execute the below command to clone the GitHub repository 


git clone https://github.com/mbarqawi/FlowHistoryCleaner.git



the above commend will create a folder 


Then you will have to publish the solution to be able to use the executable 



Cd FlowHistoryCleaner
dotnet publish
Cd FlowHistoryCleaner\bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1\publish




You need to set the environment variable DOTNET_ADD_GLOBAL_TOOLS_TO_PATH to false to be able to run the dotnet publish  on the Kudu



How to Run it

Make sure that the site is stop Run the command FlowHistoryCleaner.exe in the CMD to start the cleaning process

How Code works 

The code is a .net core application it extracts the storage account connection string from the environment variables




string conn_str = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("AzureWebJobsStorage");




Then list all the tables and delete them 




 var TserviceClient = new TableServiceClient(conn_str);      
 Pageable<TableItem> queryTableResults = TserviceClient.Query();
 foreach (TableItem table in queryTableResults)
        Console.WriteLine($"-Table {table.Name}");




Then list all Queues and delete them 




QueueServiceClient QserviceClient = new QueueServiceClient(conn_str);

//list all queues in the storage account
var myqueues = QserviceClient.GetQueues().AsPages();
//then you can write code to list all the queue names          
 foreach (Azure.Page<QueueItem> queuePage in myqueues)
                foreach (QueueItem q in queuePage.Values)
                    //Console.WriteLine($"-Queue {q.Name}" );






GitHub page 


mbarqawi/FlowHistoryCleaner (github.com)



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