Questions on setting up ADDS for SharePoint Online tenant to tenant access

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Hi Community,


We have a below customer request:


  • Tenant A based in US
    • Domain: Domain A
    • There is an on-premises Domain Controller and Azure Domain Controller virtual machine
  • Tenant B based in Lebanon
    • Domain: Domain B
    • There is no Domain Controller in place
    • The organization is using workgroup only


Currently, integration at the level of Teams between the 2 tenants has been done via Teams settings. (Teams admin center -- Org settings --- External access -- Add domain)


We need help to find out how the users of Tenant A with Domain A can use & access SharePoint sites on Tenant B with Domain B.




  • Can this integration be done at the level of Azure AD?
  • What are the prerequisites for setting this up?
  • Tenant B administrator is ready to do some changes at the level of the tenant and the users & groups organizations.

(They can have Azure AD DS if needed yet the challenge is to make sure that adoption of such a service will help in this case and allow the collaboration across the 2 tenants)


According to this documentation which can be done with AD Domain Services as below statement:


  • In a two-way trust, Domain A trusts Domain B and Domain B trusts Domain A.

This configuration means that authentication requests can be passed between the two domains in both directions.

Some two-way relationships can be non-transitive or transitive depending on the type of trust being created.

  • All domain trusts in an AD DS forest are two-way, transitive trusts.

When a new child domain is created, a two-way, transitive trust is automatically created between the new child domain and the parent domain.


Any guidance would be of great help!


Many thanks in advance!

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