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I have a virtual machine running on standalone esxi and I do not have the access to the virtual host. but I have access to the VM which runs Windows Server. How can I migrate this to Azure? I have already tried using Starwind v2v and created 2 vhds (1 for OS and 1 for Data) and uploaded them to Azure. I created an image out of the OS disks and tried deploying a VM. It's been like 45 minutes now, but still it says the deployment in progress. If this does not work, what methods I can use to migrate the VM?

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The deployment has failed


Did you receive any errors after deployment failure? Are you trying to convert directly to Azure?
StarWind V2V Converter can be used for direct physical to cloud conversion (link removed by moderator)
In addition, our engineers will gladly help you on our forum.
(link removed by moderator)

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