How to export my Infrastructure from Azure as a blueprint for creating identical setup

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I have setup an infrastructure and deployed my application on it. How to export my Infrastructure as a blueprint for creating identical setup. The goal is that, if i have to setup identical environments, i can just import the blueprint and have an infrastructure ready along with the applications that i have deployed.

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It's not as clean as I wish it was but you can go to each resource and click on the "Export Template" menu item. There is no way, that I'm aware of, to do this for an entire subscription, management group, or account. It has to be done per resource group or individual resource.

In addition, you should be aware that the template that gets exported will have allot of information hard coded that you will need to work to parameterize for reuse.

Honestly, I find it easier to start from scratch and develop the automated deployment incrementally using Bicep, ARM template, or Terraform including parameters as you go.

One of the options is to leverage ARM templates (Infrastructure as a Code Approach) to manage the deployment of your infrastructure. This can then be replicated across your production / pre production and staging environments.