Users can't view device on my account portal

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Hi everybody,


I would like my users to be able to retrieve their Bitlocker keys without making a request.


All Bitlocker keys are all stored and visible in Azure.


However, when they log in to, users cannot see their connected device.


Do I need to activate an additional setting or give extra rights?


Thank's in advance.

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@Fred06 check out this article. Let me know if this helps what you are trying to accomplish. 



Thank you for your response,


So I just tested the different ways to access Bitlocker data.


In the Azure portal, when I go under User/Device, no computer appears. Same for the new portal.


However, when I go directly to Device, I can correctly display the Bitlocker key.


I am probably thinking of a registration problem but I am not sure how to solve the case.


Here are some screenshots.


Thank's in advance.

Does anyone have an idea?

Hi !


If it helps, here's what I see in the user portal. (See screenshot)


Thank you very much