DevOps organisations and AAD integration

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I got redirected to here for a feature request or more information about the topic. Azure DevOps allows to extract a report with organisations where the AAD integration is active for authentication. Unfortunately it does not allow any central management for example when an employee who created a DevOps organisation left. The only option right now is to re-create the account, assume the identity and take over the organisation.

So I wondered if there is any alert one could subscribe when a new organisation is created with an AAD credential. This would allow an admin to step in and request that the ownership is handed to a corporate account. 

As it is right now, even admins only see DevOp organisations where they are member of.

So any features/suggestions with this regard are welcome. And I completely understand the DevOps approach of being as open as possible and not restricting access to a DevOps project. But from a data extraphilation point of view, this is potentially sub-optimal.



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