Amortized costs in Azure Budgets

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Currently Azure budgets can only evaluate actual spend, there is no option to evaluate amortized cost. This results in inaccurate representation of spend when RI's are in play.


Does anyone know if this is on the roadmap to be released in Budgets any time soon? In Cost Analysis you can already switch between actual and amortized view but nothing similar in budget configurations yet.

Thanks you!

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I wonder why a question like this doesn't deserve an answer?

@tommykneetz thanks for sharing the link. However, as the linked text says: “Budget cost evaluations are based on actual cost. They don't include amortization.” So I still don't see an opportunity to create budget alerts based on amortized cost, or am I missing something?


Just wanted to add my voice here. It's June 2023.
Introduction of Savings Plans and the ability to scope them (and RIs) at the management group level make it even more common for benefits to be applied outside of the billing subscription that made the purchase - making it ever more important to be able to set budgets + alerts based on amortized costs.

We had to solve this externally - via extra DB and PowerBI.
That unfortunately takes the ease of setting and seeing budgets in the AZ portal out of our users' hands.