NEW WHITEPAPER: Big data streaming - Choices for high availability and disaster recovery
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This guide is relevant for any real-time streaming scenarios that use sensors to manage and monitor complex systems in industries, such as smart buildings, communications, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. The scenario is a fictitious use case based on actual big data streaming customers encountered by author Arnab Ganguly of Microsoft DataCAT and his AzureCAT peers. Arnab gives several options for improving high availability and disaster recovery.




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Table of contents (ToC)

  • Overview
  • The challenge of a single-region architecture
    • Configuration considerations
    • Software considerations
  • Minimal change option
  • Open source option
  • Open source alternative
  • Serverless option
  • Weighing the options
  • Learn more


Authored by Arnab Ganguly. Edited by Nanette Ray. Reviewed by Microsoft DataCAT and AzureCAT.

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