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First published on MSDN on Nov 21, 2018
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As cloud migration continues to evolve, hybrid architectures that enable companies to take advantage of both on-premises and cloud resources are a valuable tool. Hybrid architectures allow for a staged migration where cloud-based cost savings and efficiency are immediately realized for apps and data that are ready to move now, while essential mainframe resources can be moved later. The Hybrid Cloud Architecture on Azure – Portal provides links to all our content on the topic. New content is added as it becomes available.

Design considerations for hybrid applications
This whitepaper, by Marc van Eijk of the AzureCAT team, explores how Azure and its components can help you reuse your development investment to build hybrid applications. It provides key guidelines and best practices to follow in the design phase to optimize hybrid apps and avoid costly issues in the production environment. Download the whitepaper.

Azure Stack: Building an end-to-end validation environment
This e-book,  written by Paul Appleby, Kath McBride, Joel Yoker, and Derek Gamlyn of the AzureCAT team, provides the information you need to plan an end-to-end Azure Stack validation environment using the Azure Stack Development Kit. It covers the core concepts required to build a functional Azure Stack environment, including quotas, plans, and offers, subscriptions, and services. Learn about the constructs and configurable options available in Azure Stack, along with how to tackle the key considerations that go into planning a successful implementation. Download the e-book.

See these conceptual whitepapers to learn more about Azure Stack:


Hybrid Networking Reference Architectures
From AzureCAT members, Telmo Sampaio, Christopher Bennage, and Mike Wasson, this article compares options for connecting an on-premises network to an Azure Virtual Network. It explores the benefits and challenges of each connection option and provides a detailed reference architecture. Options covered include:

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