Azure private MEC - June 2023 Webinar Series
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Private 5G networks offer a robust and dedicated connectivity solution tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries, empowering them to drive digital transformation and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving business landscape. Industries are embracing private 5G networks to harness the benefits of enhanced security, reliable performance, edge computing capabilities, and improved efficiency.


Azure private MEC is continually being built and delivered by an expanding set of operators, SIs, and ISV partners. Our partners serve a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, logistics, energy, retail, and defense, providing enterprise the ability to choose to select the right application, deploy quickly, and scale at their own pace.


We are excited to announce a new webinar series that highlights a few of our partners and their solutions running on Azure private MEC.  Below is a list of our June webinars.  Simply click the registration links to reserve your spot.



Connecting the Frontline Workforce through Smart Radio Collaboration and Private Wireless Networks

June 6, 2023

weavixTM equips the frontline workforce with the right digital tools and software that enterprises need to drive scalable, long-term success. Learn how this solution, running on Azure private MEC connects Front Line Workers and drives stronger engagement and collaboration.

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NTT Private 5G solution for Critical Infrastructure

June 7, 2023

Airport operators are responsible for running complex operations, over large physical sites, with high demands on safety, security and efficiency.  Learn about NTT’s Managed 5G solution with Microsoft and the value customers are getting from reference deployments at German Airports today.

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Unlock efficiencies with 5G to reinvest in innovation

June 8, 2023

Organizations increasingly want to own the enablers of business transformation on their terms. Join Andrew Visser, leader of 5G Cloud and Edge at Avanade as he shares practical insights to help your organization achieve that ambition with 5G and next-generation connectivity.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation with Azure private 5G

June 20, 2023 

This webinar will showcase the use of Microsoft's cloud and private 5G in Japan to help drive digital transformation efforts and build long-term competitive advantage for a variety of industries, particularly manufacturing.

*This session will be in Japanese with English captions.

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