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Nov 10 2021, 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PST)
Published on Oct 12 2021 06:11 PM (PDT) by Jenn Jinhong Microsoft
Edited on Dec 01 2021 06:08 PM (PST)

The Funkiest API: Episode 3


Join Skyler and Jenn as they continue to build a Web UI showing data from the Funkiest API created in Episode 1

(previous sessions can be found on-demand)

Episode 1

Episode 2


API’s are pretty cool, they allow different apps to communicate with each other. That’s all behind the scenes, but what if you want to display data from an API on a web page for others to see?

Join Skyler and Jenn as they continue their adventures and create a web page to display data from an API. (Which happens to be the Funkiest API created in episode one) Nothing too fancy, but they’ll work through the basic concepts and, with your help, build the “Funkiest Web UI” for their API.


In episode two, Skyler and Jenn created and deployed a 'Hello, world' React app to Azure Static Web Apps. They showed you how to develop a basic React app using hooks and functional components. Then how to fetch data from a CosmosDB database via an HTTP API hosted on Azure Functions and then stored it as client-side state. We will pick up where they left off, so we recommend watching that session in advance of this one.

Jenn Jinhong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
A quirky geek who loves discovering and learning about new technologies and gadgets. My passion for helping others learn complex concepts and create amazing solutions drives me to build and nurture engaging technical communities.

Skyler Hartle, Program Manager II, Microsoft
I love bringing new ideas to life with the latest and greatest technology. Let me share too much with you, too fast, in too little time!

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