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May 16 2023, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
Published on May 10 2023 01:35 PM (PDT) by Nina Sui Microsoft
Edited on May 10 2023 01:41 PM (PDT)

Today, 5G enables new applications for scenarios that were previously out of reach. From smart roads that can notify of obstacles in the road in real time to smart airports that can identify runway issues before they threaten safety, a new breed of real-time and mission-critical applications is emerging. Developers can now start building their own MEC/Edge application by forking and evolving our open source MEC Application Solution Accelerator.


This is an example application that offers a common foundation based on a light microservices architecture designed for the edge. It includes Kubernetes, docker containers, and Dapr framework. It also includes AI model inferencing capabilities with an example deep learning model that analyzes video coming from cameras, as well as MQTT event-driven communication following a publish/subscription pattern to raise events/alerts after detecting issues with the AI models.


Who should attend?

• Developers interested in building real-time and mission-critical applications for the edge with low latency.
• Individuals interested in learning about AI model inferencing capabilities and deep learning models for analyzing video.
• Professionals seeking to learn about light/fast event-driven communication between AI models events/alerts handlers.


What will I learn?

• How to build MEC/Edge applications using the open source MEC Application Solution Accelerator.
• Understanding and get ready to get started on a light microservices and event-driven architecture, based on Kubernetes, Docker containers, Dapr framework and MQTT messaging broker for edge/mec applications with low latency.
• The potential of 5G technology and how it enables new applications for previously unreachable scenarios.


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