When importing test cases through Excel (not CSV), the "steps" field becomes empty.

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I need to export test cases from a specific project and import them into a new project on a different Azure DevOps server.

To do this, I can only use Excel and cannot use any other formats, not even CSV!

So, I decided to export the test cases to Excel, made the necessary changes, and uploaded it to the new project.


The problem is that the steps of each test case are not imported! It imports all the fields correctly, except for the steps.


I decided to conduct an experiment, which involved exporting a test case and creating a new one (exactly the same except for the ID, on the same project) through publishing in Excel.


To my surprise, the same problem occurred!


In Azure DevOps, the "steps" field contains the following content:


<steps id="0" last="5"><step id="2" type="ValidateStep"><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><P>clicar em new</P></parameterizedString><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><P>avançar</P></parameterizedString><description/></step><step id="4" type="ValidateStep"><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><DIV><P>clicar em fechar</P></DIV></parameterizedString><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><P>fechar</P></parameterizedString><description/></step><step id="5" type="ActionStep"><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><DIV><DIV><P><BR/></P></DIV></DIV></parameterizedString><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><DIV><P><BR/></P></DIV></parameterizedString><description/></step></steps>


When I check the content of this field in Excel, it contains the following:


<P>clicar em new2</P><P>avançar</P><DIV><P>clicar em fechar</P></DIV><P>fechar</P><DIV><DIV><P><BR/></P></DIV></DIV><DIV><P><BR/></P></DIV>


Is this the cause of the problem?


Can you help me solve this issue?


Best regards

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