Velocity widget in Azure Devops | Doesn't calculate based on completed story points

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Hi Team,


I am fairly new to Azure DevOps as a tool for Agile scrum project tracking. We have been through a few iterations already. And as I am exploring the "Velocity widget", I see that when I choose to display Velocity based on "Stories Backlog" and "Sum of Story Points" , it sums up all story points that were "planned" in the last 5 (or N) iterations. And then divides it by 5 (or N).


However, isn't Velocity supposed to consider only the "Completed" story points?


I tried displaying velocity based on "Work Item Type = User Story" and "Sum of Story Points"  but result is the same.


Can someone please help on what I am missing? Is it some configuration that I have missed?

OR does Azure DevOps show Velocity based on "Planned" story points instead of "Completed"?


Note - I checked state category defined in the project process definition and we have "Completed" category with "Closed" state defined.




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Can someone please advise / help on my query?