Velocity widget discrepancy vs Sprint

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Planned effort for analyzed Sprint is 133.

Somehow Velocity widget is counting only 106.


The same with the Velocity widget - count of work items. 


Comparing Sprint work items with Velocity widget results I can see that some of the work items  were not taken into account but I have no idea why.


What could be the reason behind this discrepancy? 


Thank you

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Velocity chart is basing what's included in Planned Effort based on the day the Sprint started and the Stories that were in the Sprint at that time.  It does not pay attention to stories that came in later.  This can be adjusted somewhat on the Velocity chart configure widget to tell it how many days before Start of Sprint is the work considered final.  Scroll down on the chart widget to the below and you can adjust Days past start date.  

Advanced features
Display planned work for iterations
Days past start date of iteration when planned work is final