Upgrading .NET Framework version on Self Hosted agent Azure DevOps Server

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We are planning to upgrade our current .NET frame work version from 4.6 to latest version ( 4.8 or 4.7.2 ) on our primary Azure DevOps agent server(Windows).


Please suggest us on below queries: 

  1.  Is there any impact on our current Azure DevOps agent setup after upgrading .NET Framework ?
  1.  In existing setup, we are having single DevOps agent server, what are the risks/challenges will be there on windows server after upgrade activity ?? 
  2.  If we are proceeding with Framework upgradation, What are changes required on existing Azure DevOps/pipelines setup to compatible with latest .NET framework ??

Azure DevOps Server Information:


Azure DevOps Info:

  • Version Dev18.M170.4 © Microsoft Corporation.
  • Self Hosted agents 
Windows Server Info (Azure DevOps Installed):
 Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
 Memory - 64GB
 .NET Framework Version - 4.6 ( Installed )


Kindly help me on this




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