Update Work Item Status on Git 'Commit'

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We've moving from TFS for Version Control to Git (N.B. not GitHub) and I'm struggling with getting DevOps configured the way we would like.


In many scenarios we will be doing trunk-based development, so we won't be using pull requests.  However, we will still be doing code reviews and QA.


Therefore I'd like to have another status on Tasks called 'For Review' (or similar) and I'd like the Task to enter this status when the associated code is Committed.


I've seen in the docs it is possible to set the work item to 'Closed' when the commit is done by using the keywords 'fixed' but I don't want it to go to 'Closed' until it has been through Code Review or QA, I want it to go to 'For Review'.  When doing a pull request - it is possible to configure which status it goes to when it is resolved.  This will be useful for some scenarios, but not the majority of them.


In TfS it was possible to configure what work item state you wanted to be set when the code was checked in (it was tied to the 'Resolve' action) but I can't see this option in DevOps.  There is no condition for 'commit' or similar in the 'Rules' against the work item type.

I did wonder if I could somehow hook it to the link that is created, but I can't see a way to do that either.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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