Unable to rename a git repo due to TFVC workspaces

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I'm trying to rename an Azure DevOps Server 2022 project.  Apparently there was a legacy project that also had this name.  When I try to rename the project, I get:


The Team Project name XXX was previously used and there are still TFVC workspaces referring to this name. Before you can use this name, the owner of each workspace should execute the Get command to update their workspaces. See renaming a team project for more details (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p?LinkId=528893). Found 1 workspace(s) using this name: SQL Source Control (5smrtsma.yja);b54e38c7-5ada-4853-9f62-95ef90e26485


When I try to delete this workspace:

.\tf vc workspace /delete 'SQL Source Control (5smrtsma.yja);b54e38c7-5ada-4853-9f62-95ef90e26485' /collection:https://azuredevops.foo.com

I get this error:


TF14061: The workspace SQL Source Control (5smrtsma.yja);USERXYZ does not exist.


I'm copying/pasting the project name/owner from the ADO error.  I'm not sure how else to delete this workspace?

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