Unable to register agents in Deployment Group even with Administrator access

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Hi Team, 


We are facing an issue with respect to deployment groups in Azure DevOps. Except the creator of the deployment group, No one else is able to register targets to the deployment despite having administrator access granted. 


Here is an example scenario: 

User A created deployment group DG1 and then added the "Project Administrators" and "Deployment Group Administrators" as adminstrators to DG1. But none of the members from above groups are able to register targets to the deployment group DG1. only user A is able to register the target to the DG1. 

Error: You do not have permissions to register targets. 

Looks like the security settings in the Deployment groups are not having any affect on the actual permissions related to the Deployment group. 


Please look into this issue. Let me know if you need any additional information related to this. 







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