This is a scheduled windows-2016 brownout

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Hey everybody !


I am facing an issue on my Azure pipelines since today.

When I try to make a deployment, I have got this issue for the release pipeline :


This is a scheduled windows-2016 brownout. The windows-2016 environment is deprecated and will be removed on March 15, 2022. For more details, see 



I understand that I should update this windows pipeline version but... Where should I do this ?


I can see that the Agent specification is vs2017-win2016 :


I cannot find anywhere to change it.

This is a Hosted agents provided by Azure, at the 2.198.3 version.


I did not make this pipeline, and I do not understand everything, so I search 2016 and 2017 in my YAML files and I found this ?

            "name": "ConnectAKStoACR-aaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaaaa",
            "type": "Microsoft.Resources/deployments",
            "apiVersion": "2017-05-10",
            "resourceGroup": "[parameters('acrResourceGroup')]",
            "dependsOn": [
                "[concat('Microsoft.ContainerService/managedClusters/', parameters('resourceName'))]"
            "properties": {
                "mode": "Incremental",
                "template": {
                    "$schema": "",
                    "contentVersion": "",
                    "resources": [
                            "apiVersion": "2018-09-01-preview",
                            "type": "Microsoft.ContainerRegistry/registries/providers/roleAssignments",
                            "name": "[concat(parameters('acrName'), '/Microsoft.Authorization/', parameters('guidValue'))]",
                            "properties": {
                                "principalId": "[reference(parameters('resourceName'), '2020-09-01').identityProfile.kubeletidentity.objectId]",
                                "principalType": "ServicePrincipal",
                                "roleDefinitionId": "[concat('/subscriptions/', subscription().subscriptionId, '/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/roleDefinitions/', 'aaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaaa')]",
                                "scope": "[resourceId(parameters('acrResourceGroup'),'Microsoft.ContainerRegistry/registries/', parameters('acrName'))]"

(I wrote aaa-aaaa-aaaa to not exposed my ids)


I searched more about this package, ConnectAKStoACR but I cannot find any versions list :(


Does anybody know how to update my agents ? Or which keyword should I search in my YAML files ?


Thank you for your help.


Yours faithfully

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@juliensl You probably already figured this out.  I just ran into it today and for me it was associated with 3 release pipelines that didn't get processed.


For me, I needed to go to, and check each of my releases:

1) click on a release.

2) click on Edit in the upper right corner

3) click on the deploy stage

4) click on Run on agent

5) you should see something like this: 


If your Agent Specification shows vs2017-win2016, you need to change it to one of the newer versions.


(You can just run that fixed release, and it'll take care of the one that failed previously)



Exactly what I did, thank you to explained it here, could be usefull for everybody :)

Have a nice day
Hello Folks,
Thanks for putting this together as it helped me resolve this brownout issue.

All the best