Test cases are not being displayed under the ticket on the Azure devOps board

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Hello team, so when I test tickets and run test cases manually then I add those test cases to the ticket by clicking on the Add link feature under the ticket. From there I select Tested By and then select all the test cases which I have ran for the ticket. These test cases get added successfully under the ticket however, when I go to the Azure dev ops board then in that ticket it does not show the those test cases unless I add new test cases by going to the ticket menu and then Add Test which adds new test case immediately and then adds the existing ones as well. Here the problem is that I do not always need new test cases but sometimes the existing test cases are enough. Previously when I used to add existing test cases then those test cases start to appear on the ticket after a few minutes on the ticket on the dev ops board as per below. Not sure if I am missing something or this is an existing behavior ?



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