Synapse: Automated publishing for ci/cd without manual pressing "Publish" button in UI

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I'm trying to implement a fully automated ci/cd pipeline for my synapse workspace using azure devops piplines. We use git branches in our workflow to create features inside the development synapse workspace and merge the feature branch via pull request into our main branch (collaboration branch).

What I want to have is that accepting a pull request automatically triggers the building of ARM templates in the workspace_publish branch which will trigger the YAML Pipeline that is already in place. At the moment, whoever accepts the merge request must go to Synapse afterwards and press the "Publish" Button manually to create the ARM templates. From there, the pipeline will handle everything automatically.


Basically I'm at the "Current CI/CD flow" in this article and i want to implement "the new CI/CD flow", just using Synapse instead of Data Factory.

Sadly, the article marks the described solution as only valid for Data Factory and not for Synapse and I couldn't find anything about using the used ADFUtilities NPM package for Synapse workspaces.


So what is the recommended way for automatically publish all changes/create ARM templates after a pull request was merged into the collaboration branch for pipelines using synapse instead of data factory? Is there even a way or are we stuck with pressing the "Publish" Button by ourself?

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I am looking for same sort of solution, please let me know if you can help.@Rmaas95 


Unfortunately, I didn't find a solution at the time, so the process currently continues to use the manual process step for us. If you find a solution, I would be very happy to receive an update.