Stakeholders access to repositories with SSH authentication

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I'm struggling with sharing SSH link to a repository to some users.
As far as I understand users with Stakeholder level can't see the repositories in Azure DevOps. However, if I share HTTPS link and password they are able to do Git operations, which is what I need, because I don't want them to see the repositories in Azure DevOps (in the browser).
But I want them to clone the repositories with SSH link, not HTTPS. How can I do that, if the users are Stakeholders?
What I tried is to add their SSH public key to a user with Basic level account. This didn't work.

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How about creating a custom role?


The team is part of the "Contributors" group in the Azure project. When I get to Project settings -> Repositories -> Security I see the permissions given to the group, they look like that:



Isn't that sufficient? If I set up a custom role, I would want to have the same settings.

I guess the thing is that Stakeholders don't get access to repositories, by default. The question is could the administrator give them the access using their SSH key? I assume this is possible, because if Stakeholder uses HTTPS link and a password, he can access. Why SSH authentication wouldn't be possible.