release pipeline [ci-skip] not working

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In DevOps (saas) in 'Pipelines - Releases' we can do continuous deployment.

A release job can be started automatically as soon as a commit is pushed to the repo.

Most of the settings are done within the DevOps gui.


In 'Pipelines - Pipelines' we can trigger a build using yaml in the repo. If the process makes commits to the repo, I add [skip ci] to the commit message. this prevents the pipeline from re-running endlessly.


In this case my release pushes a commit to the repository too. But it seems to be impossible to use [skip ci] to prevent a re-run. I do not want to use a build pipeline in this case for various reasons.


My question is, how do I escape re-running the release pipeline the same way [skip ci] does for the builde pipeline?




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@mishof I think it's [ci skip] ... notice the "-" :) 


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