Native Azure DevOps Server backup vs SQL Server

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I'm looking for official information about the difference between backups built via the Azure DevOps Server Administration Console and backup of databases using SQL maintenance plan.


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You can use any one of it. At the end, Backup in TFS creates a job in SQL to schedule. It is more SQL activity.

If you have a DBA, its better he takes care of the backup\restore through a maintenance plan.

Any specific questions, let me know.

thanks @chanduvsc for your answer. I though that doing the backup via the Admin Console provide more guaranties. For instance, if i do my backups via SQL, I do "warm" backup. I had in mind that passing via le Admin Console bring more consistency in my backup.
So, I wanted to know. So, you do confirm that both systems provide the same results with same guaranties ?
Only one additional thing which you get from TFS backup is "marked transactions" by default. Where as in SQL, DBA has to take care of it while taking a backup for an online database.
meaning that we recommend to do backup via the Console ?
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No such recommendation. DBAs in general take care of Marked transactions when they take backups in SQL. All upto SQL DBA or TFS admin how they want to take backups.

Thanks @chanduvsc. It's really helpful !