Linux agent pool user unauthorized

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I'm installing new agent pool on premise linux server(ubuntu) following the steps from this


When I execute command it is failing, checking logs it is saying unauthorized, but I have checked the permission and the user is there with admin privileges


Enter server URL > http://myportal:8080/
Enter authentication type (press enter for Negotiate) > negotiate
Enter user name > myuser
Enter password > ***************
Connecting to server ...

>> Register Agent:

Enter agent pool (press enter for default) > myagent_pool
Enter agent name (press enter for d22devadox03) > myagent
Scanning for tool capabilities.
Connecting to the server.
Successfully added the agent
Testing agent connection.
Enter work folder (press enter for _work) >
2023-10-02 20:18:21Z: Settings Saved.
Error reported in diagnostic logs. Please examine the log for more details.
- /home/user/newagent/_diag/Agent_20231002-201554-utc.log

This is the error in the logs:


[2023-10-02 20:17:48Z INFO VisualStudioServices] Starting operation Location.GetConnectionData
[2023-10-02 20:17:48Z WARN VisualStudioServices] Authentication failed with status code 401.


 Stuff installed:

Server ubuntu version 20.04

Agent version vsts-agent-linux-x64-3.227.1.tar.gz


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What is the role assigned for myuser?

Hi Kidd_Ip,

Sorry for late response, my issue was the agent version I installed, now it is working fine.