Github Actions for DevOps

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For customers having Microsoft Azure, they have the option to use Github as source code repo.

Is there a view around using Github Actions for setting up CI/CD pipelines?

Is Microsoft ADO recommended over Github Actions for DevOps practices while doing developments?


If any reference is provided, would be great. Thanks!



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Same position than your previous message related to GitHub future strategy.
You can use the CI/CD from the 2 platforms as you prefer, but using MS Azure DevOps will give you many features coming fast from MS and partners.
Az DevOps Pipeline management can also integrate the CI/CD advanced usage with Azure Cloud Components, kubernetes, containers, ...
So if you did not create anything yet in GitHub, and looking where to create or implement your first CI/CD process, it's probably better to start directly with Az DevOps.
You will also benefit all chaining logic implemented into each DevOps modules (Boards, Repositories, Pipelines, Test, artifacts, ...)