DevOps Pipeline Task Build and Publish VS2022 .net6 and C++ / CLI

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We have ported a big solution from .net framework, C++ CLI and native C++ to .net 6, c++ CLI and native C++ project. We used to build the original project with an msbuild task which works well, now we are trying to build the new .net app but have found we need to Publish the app rather than simply build.


If we click on the app and say publish (to the file system) it works well. If we try to do this in DevOps Pipeline through msbuild, the publish task is not run. If we try from a dotnet task, the build fails (I think as we have native and mixed mode code).


Has anyone found a way to automate the build / publish of a .net 6 app that uses C++/CLI?


Thank you!


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