Devops Item Hierarchy: view down from Epic/Issue/Tasks (Basic)

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Ok, new to this so I must be missing something:facepalm:


If I understand correctly, many tasks fix an issue, and multiple Issues, resolve an Epic (milestone). And you can link an Issue to and Epic, and create tasks in an Issue, so clearly there is a hierarchy. Why would devops then not show a page where you can see that hierarchy? who would not like to see that

Oh so many things to do for that Epic, Heck that issue has a lot of tasks... 


Work items just shows all unlinked, Boards only show Issues, only Backlog shows one level of parenting...


Should I move from Basic (thats me :) ) to Scrum or Agile? Without being bossed around by procedures from those two?


They can't have missed that so who will enlighten me :) :)


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There is no "one size fits all" approach for software engineering -- all projects are majorly different in scope, complexity, team size, etc.

Conveniently for me this lack of structure creates an awesome market opportunity for engineering analytics - we specifically developed our navigation in minware so that you can see the entire hierarchy across multiple epics and drill all of the way down to the commit level for each.

What's the challenge that you're running into? Is this just a minor inconvenience or disruptive to your workflow?
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II just found out its just a filter setting on the right. I can see the whole hierarchy now:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

@ezJurgen glad you were able to solve!