Deploying self contained automated installation packages

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In my company we are working with an old but very powerful proprietary system. The build chain essentially produces neutral packages. These packages then can be deployed locally on servers which do not have any internet connection. The packages are "prepared" (i.e. the configuration is applied to the package) and then executed directly or by PSExec on the target server.
When the execution occurs, depending on the package type, the content of the package is deployed (i.e. for SQL Server an SQL compare is done and then the difference is applied to the DB, for a windows service that one is installed or updated or for a webapp the correspondiing IIS is configured and the webapp deployed therein).

My questions to the community:

  • Has anyone tried anything similar with Azure Devops Server?
  • Anyone got ideas of how to do that with completely new approach?

Regards, Martin

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