Customizing workflows for working SAFe

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Hey ADO community,
I am a project collection admin of Azure DevOps tasked with maintaining a standard way of working with the tool. Currently I am designing a new standard way of working. We are thinking of adding states for each DTAP environment per requirement. At the moment we don't allow application teams or release trains (we work SAFe) to design their own custom states or customize their process. We are strict in this so that we can enable one way of working together with standard solutions (automations, reporting, etc.)
Working with the State category rest-api we learned that it is possible to still have a standard for such solutions as powerbi reporting and integrations that synchronize work items between applications (SAP, Service-Now, etc.) whilst also allowing a more flexible way of working for the different release trains in our organization.
I was wondering if there are other Azure DevOps admins with experience working with SAfe / Large enterprises and how you manage your process workflows. Any input discussion is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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