Board: Items don't show the Testing mini-module

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"Board" has a really neat feature: it can show an icon summarising the count of linked Test Cases.  It ensures we can really good visibility of the test-plan and outcomes for User Stories as part of our sprints.


However, it will only activate if we quick-create a test from that mini-module :(


We nearly ALWAYS link our User Story's to pre-existing Test Cases.  But the tests mini-module doesn't appear in this case (as mentioned above, we have to interact with the quick-create. So we dutifully  create a "dummy" test item [which we subsequently delete].

It seems to be "by-design".  But the teams are experiencing this as a Quirk (bug).  Could it be made to behave as:  When displaying the Items on the Board, if an Item has any items linked using "Tested By", auto-activate/show the Tests Mini Module on the Board?   

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@Ian_Donaldsonyeah you're right!:
- When I open a Workitem from the board and create or link a sub-task; when I return to the Board the Workitem will display the sub-tasks mini-module (a count of the sub-tasks, nicely expandable when clicked).

- But if I do the same for Test Cases (linked using Tested By); when I return to the Board the Workitem doesn't show the Tests mini-module :(

That's annoyingly inconsistent, and missing out on this really helpful feature.