Best resource to prepare AZ-900

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Hi Team,

Please recommend me a best resource to study for AZ-900 in a day for a beginner. Thanks

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Hi @Dhingrakapil ,

I think this is the best way to study for the AZ-900

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How can I download Microsoft/Microsoft Ignite presentations on Azure Fundamentals?

I am preparing for AZ-900 and I am unable to open these links now which I was able to open before.

I Received these links at MS Ignite sessions.

I always get the below error if I try to open these links.
You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.
Click your browser's Back button to continue.
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Are these links no more available?

Please Advise. Thanks

Same, I have no access to these links aswell. Try an other ressource to learn.

I understand you, ofc u get better results, but I would say you should understand what you learn instead of learning only for an exam.
Is there any other resource / links to download Microsoft/Microsoft Ignite presentations on Azure Fundamentals?
Those links link to content from Microsoft Ignite 2019 content, which has been archived and is no longer available.

We recommend this Microsoft Learn path for Azure Fundamentals: