Backlog items created in random order when created from Board View

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Hi All,


I have a nicely prioritised backlog with a set order.


When new items are added to the backlog using the backlog view we have the option to "Add to bottom" which I use and then put the item into the correct position within the backlog order after creation.


However, when creating a PBI from the board view it seems to be automatically randomly added into the backlog.


I have tried to set the priority when creating the PBI from the board view but for some reason it is still randomly assigned. For example, on the board view I create a PBI with a priority of 1. When i switch to the backlog view the item is randomly assigned in the middle of some prirotiy 3 items.


Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can ensure that new PBIs created from the board view are assigned to the bottom of the backlog order when switching back to the backlog view?


Many Thanks

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